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Air Conditioning Systems

When it comes to keeping cool in the Spanish summer, air conditioning is a highly effective solution and can be surprisingly economical.

In simple terms, an air conditioning unit can be set or programmed to adjust both air temperature and humidity to make the interior of your home more comfortable.

 Pool and Mobility  offer a range of extremely reliable air conditioning units, suitable for various sizes of dwelling, and can also service or repair your current unit or units to maximise their efficiency (and help keep the utility bills down).

We only use Quality materials...

We offer the customer the choice to choose products from well known makes and models to meet the budget required.




The stylized design of EKOKAI's interior units allows them to easily compliment different styles of decoration. The integrated front display panel is one of the details that reinforces the elegance of this design.

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Our range of Makes and Models keeps changing due to the continued advancements made by the manufacturers.

Please telephone us for the latest information and to discuss your requirements.