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Pool Chemicals & Supplies

 Pool and Mobility  stock a large, comprehensive range of care and maintenance products for your pool.

Whether it's a new pump to revitalise your pool's circulation (or a pump housing to prolong your pump life), or a nice quiet heater that will give you all year round swimming, or even an automatic robot cleaner that will keep your water sparkling without any effort on your part - we have everything you need to keep your pool in a clear and refreshing condition.

 Pool and Mobility  also stock a large range of chemicals - needed to keep your pool water in perfect condition.
 Pool and Mobility  can also furnish you with a new pool cover, cutting your cleaning chores in half, especially during the autumn and winter.

And for those looking for a less permanent solution, we carry a range of temporary pools in various sizes (each including a purifying plant) and also inflatable spas with heating and jacuzzi functions. Just ask for our latest prices.

What's more,  Pool and Mobility  offer a full range of pool-related services, from a complete installation service, carrying out necessary repairs to your current pool, or simply regular pool maintenance and water management.

Chlorine Disinfection

We have a range of products to keep your pool sparkling clean and in tip top condition. Our Chlorine products come in Tablets, Granules and Liquids.

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Pool pH Regulators

Liquid and granual products especially formulated for adjusting the pH level of the pool water.

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Pool Floculant

Floculant is used to clarify the pool water.
Leaves your pool bright and crystal clear.

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Pool Test Kit

Pool Testing Kits are a very important part of maintaining the quality of the water in your pool.
Keep the water in your swimming pool clean, clear and healthy by testing it regularly using one of these kits

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Pool Cleaning Equipment

Various equipment is available to assist you in cleaning your pool - Poles, Brushes (Clip and bolt on), Flexible/Rigid Hoses, Vacuum Heads, etc...

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Pool Brushes

We stock a wide range of pool brushes.
These are attached to a suitable pole by either a spring fitting or by a wing-nut and bolt.

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We have a wide range of filters in different sizes.

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Pool Pumps

We have a wide range of swimming pool pumps in different makes and sizes and also complete cassette boxes.

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Pool Cover

Increasing pool temperatures and inhibiting algae growth are now possible with our made to measure pool cover.

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